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7 Kid-Friendly Room Design Choices

7 Kid-Friendly Room Design Choices

It's a challenge to create a living area that speaks to both you and your children. Parents have the task of making their house look pretty while also making it safe, enjoyable, and functional for their kiddos. If you're looking for ways to make your living room functional, stylish, and fun, check out these 7 kid-friendly ideas for your home's most-trafficked area.

1. Open floor plans

It's not every day you get to redo your home's layout, but if you have a major remodel or are looking for a new home, then consider adding an open floor plan to the list.

The open space between different living areas makes surveillance of kids' activities easy and flexible as you complete other household tasks. With this layout, you don't need to be in the same room to watch the kids, but you're still able to keep an eye on them and step in when needed.

2. Paint finishes

There's no "right" paint color for a kid-friendly living room. That's up to you and your tastes. However, choosing the correct paint finish can save you time and effort while taking care of kids' sticky fingerprints. For easy cleanup, use paint with an eggshell, satin, or gloss finish. Each is easy to wipe down so that little fingerprints are not the featured art on your wall.

3. Make Room for Play

If you don't want your entire living room to be taken over by the chaos of children's toys, then you could create a space that is more kid friendly with bright colors and interesting elements so they'll gravitate toward that space. Put toys and books in reach of the space, and a lounge area with a little beanbag chair or a teepee, and they'll never want to leave.

4. Durable

Are you ever surprised by how many things such small beings are able to destroy? You don't need to overhaul decorations completely to make a room kid-friendly. Buying or acquiring durable decorations and furniture takes stress away from monitoring children to ensure they don't break knick-knacks, scratch surfaces, or dent furniture.

A good way to ensure a piece of furniture is durable is getting it second-hand. If it's survived one family, it'll probably have a better chance at surviving yours. Frequent estate sales, yard sales, adn thrift shops, and in no time you'll have curated a collection of sculptures, art, and furniture with character

5. Cutting corners

One of the most dangerous things about furniture is its ability to split lips and bruise heads. The risk of injuries is much greater when there are sharp corners to get caught on. Childproofing techniques such as corner protectors are efficient, but often don't lend themselves to the style of your space.

Opt for an ottoman with rounded corners or circular furniture and you won't cringe when your kids wrestle in the living room. It could cut down on the number of stitches in your family as well.

6. Double-duty furniture

Kids' toy chaos is distracting to those who crave an aesthetically pleasing room. Keeping toys out of the room is often impossible. So, you need somewhere to put the toys when they're not in use. You can kill two birds with one stone with multifunctional storage space.

Invest in a coffee table with a flat top that can be used at playtime and doubles as a storage container for toys and clutter when playtime is over.

7. Remember, it can all be washed.

Kids will spill and color all over furniture and floors. You might be overly cautious and want to switch your light furniture in for darker ones that will hide stains better. But, if your preferred color palette runs lighter, don't compromise your dream piece of furniture for a boring child-friendly one just yet.

If you notice that your couches or chairs have stains or just the wear and tear of daily life, Zerorez® can restore your upholstery to its original glory. Zerorez® also adds a protectant that will keep them cleaner for longer. We clean without soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals, which makes it safe for children.

You don't need to compromise your interior design style if you have kids. These simple, but effective changes will make your home safer for your kids and allow you to live without fear of their safety so that you can prioritize spending time with them.

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