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How To Clean Different Kinds Of Area Rugs

How To Clean Different Kinds Of Area Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Tricks

Depending on the filth level of your rug, cleaning it could take a matter of minutes or up to a few days - if you are choosing to clean the area rug yourself. If it is only a spot here and there that needs a touch-up, then here is a trick for spot area rug cleaning. First, vacuum the carpet 2 times before starting. Take 2 cups of water and add ¼ teaspoon of dish soap (If spot cleaning up pet stains, use 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar, along with the dish soap). Do not pour onto the carpet, instead, spread it lightly over the soiled or stained carpet by using a washcloth, sponge, or spray bottle. Next, apply pressure onto the stain over and over again until the stain begins to lift off - Do not rub the carpet because that will cause the mess to spread. After you have repeated applying pressure over and over until your stain lifts, next you must clean out as much soap from the carpet as possible. You can do this by lightly spreading clean water over the carpet and using a new towel to again apply pressure and more water until you can see no more soap suds in the carpet. This is an important step because any soap residue left in the carpet will attract dirt, and over time will make your carpet even dirtier than before.

If your entire area rug is in need of an area rug cleaning, here are some steps that will explain how you can clean your entire area rug with a few household items. First, check the weather and make sure that you have at least 3 days of sun up ahead! Begin by vacuuming the area rug really well. Then bring the rug outside and lay it across a table or chairs so that it is lifted off the ground. Next, take your garden hose are soak your rug with water. Then, using a mixture of water and dish soap, start scrubbing the rug in sections - both front and back. After you have scrubbed each section of the rug thoroughly, take your hose and again soak your rug. This time soak the rug until the water runs off clear to ensure that not much soap was left in the area rug. Lastly, hang the area rug outside off the ground and in the sun for about 3 days before taking it back inside.

These are two tricks that will be helpful to you in giving your living room rug a good area rug cleaning. But, both techniques can be very time consuming and tiring. Plus if you are inexperienced in area rug cleaning you may risk damaging fibers, bleeding colors or leaving behind a messy residue. For a safe area rug cleaning by experts, save yourself time and trouble by scheduling an appointment with Zerorez today! We are able and experienced in cleaning any type of rug that you may have in your home, no matter the size, shape, color, or material. That could be shag rugs, braided rugs, living room rugs with large square footage, or any other kind of living room area rugs.

What Makes Zerorez Different

Zerorez area rug cleaning leaves behind no dirt-attracting residue. In fact, independent lab tests show that other carpet cleaners leave behind 200% more residue than Zerorez. With Zerorez, your carpets will stay cleaner longer. Zerorez uses safe and effective Zr Clean ™ as part of our rug cleaning services. This system does not use any harmful chemicals, soaps, or other cleaning agents that could be harmful to your rug, your home, or the environment. The Zerorez method is fast, safe, and non-toxic.

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