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Mattress Cleaning: The Crucial Things You Should Know

Mattress Cleaning: The Crucial Things You Should Know

Mattress Cleaning: The Crucial Things You Should Know

We often wash our bedsheets to have a safe and hygienic sleeping environment. But the question is: do you ever clean your mattress?

Nearly ⅓ of your life is spent on your mattress, and yet mattress cleaning is something many households often overlook. Beneath your sheets is a breeding ground for bugs and hazardous disease-causing organisms.

There are some things you can do to kill pathogens and unwanted organisms. We here at Zerorez understand what it takes to truly clean your mattress.

Cleaning Your Mattress

We spend several hours in our beds every night. As a result, dead skin cells, oil, and sweat remain on our bedding and mattresses. And that makes your bed attractive to mites, dust, and germs. Therefore, just as you clean your bedding, it's equally important to know how to clean your mattress too.

First of all, it's essential to use the right products. That's the exact point where you need the services of a professional. Now let's see how to clean your mattress:

Step One: Buy all required supplies.

We advise deep cleaning your mattress to remove tough stains and all dangerous microorganisms. A typical DIY job would require at LEAST the following:

  • Stain remover

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Baking soda

  • Hand gloves

  • Garment Steamer

Step Two: Remove all bedding.

Remove all sheets, blankets, and duvets from your bed before you begin cleaning your mattress. You could launder them too before spreading them back on your bed.

Step Three: Remove dust.

Use an upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your mattress. Gently press it over the surface to draw out the dust hiding beneath. Be sure to vacuum the top, sides, and bottom parts of the mattress.

Step Four: Thrash out the odor.

It would be best if you refresh your mattress by removing any foul smell. Baking soda will do you the trick. Therefore, sprinkle and gently rub it on the surface of your mattress. Leave it for about an hour for effective removal of odors.

Step Five: Remove Stains.

Use an upholstery stain remover to get rid of all urine stains, pet stains, food stains, to mention a few. So, lightly spray the stained areas and use a clean damp cloth or sponge to wipe the stains from the mattress.

Step Six: Steam up your mattress.

Go over the mattress with your garment steamer. That way, you will kill bugs and other organisms hiding in the mattress. Next,

Step Seven: Vacuum again.

Vacuum your mattress once more to remove any remaining dust, bugs, and micro-organisms. Allow your mattress ample time to dry thoroughly.

Find Mattress Cleaning Experts near You

Cleaning your mattress is a heavily involved and time-consuming process. If you don't have time, you can entrust an expert with the job for perfect results.

Zerorez cleans your mattress without using harmful chemicals or cleaning agents. We also provide long-term protection against bugs and pathogens with our proprietary protectant. Zerorez serves Fort Myers and the surrounding areas.

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