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The True Cause of Crunchy Carpet

The True Cause of Crunchy Carpet

Why Is My Carpet Crunchy After Cleaning?

If your carpet is crunchy after getting a carpet cleaning, that means that shampoo, detergent, or some sort of chemical was left in the carpet fibers. Cleaning with these substances is common for traditional carpet cleaners. It may not be something you would've thought to be a problem before, but now that you are experiencing the crunchy carpet syndrome, you understand at least one of the problems that can occur from improper carpet cleaning techniques. When soapy water is pushed into your carpet at a high pressure, it does a good job to extract dirt and grime that is suck in the carpet fibers - but it extracts the dirt in exchange for leaving particles of soap behind. These particles of soap that stay behind in your carpet fibers leave a sticky residue that attracts even more dirt over time, and makes carpets crunchy!

What Can I Do About Crunchy Carpet?

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do on your own to fix this problem. We recommend that you stay clear of shampooing it again - that will just make the situation worse! As for attempting to rinse the carpet, you have to be really careful. The use of too much water will cause saturation of the carpet and the underlying pad. Because carpets take so long to dry, adding water without extracting it straight away and carefully will create a perfect place for bacteria to form and spread: warm and moist. Gross! You don't want that! Here at Zerorez Southwest Florida, we use our patented wand that is designed to completely rinse the carpet fibers without ever flooding the padding. In addition to that, we clean carpets using Zr Clean ™. This is water has been altered in a way that it cleans better than soap but is non-toxic and safe enough to drink! No more crunchy carpet after cleaning!

The Zerorez Difference

Zerorez carpet cleaning Southwest Florida can resolve your carpet cleaning issues. Zerorez is the best at removing dirt and grime in 3 ways. First, unlike most cleaners, we use counter-rotating brushes that loosen all the deeply embedded dirt that is stuck in the carpet fibers - stuff that your vacuum can't reach. Second, we use our patented wand, as mentioned above, that completely rinses the carpet fibers, and leaves behind 200% less water than other carpet cleaners! That's a big difference! Finally, Zerorez uses a food-grade, electrolyzed oxidative water that is a safer cleaning substance for you, your children, and your pets. There will be no chance of having crunchy carpet after vacuuming when you choose to clean with Zerorez! Instead, we will give you a service where your carpets will dry faster, stay cleaner longer, and all spots will be far less likely to reappear. Our technicians are highly trained professionals that are ready to take a weight off your shoulders. Click here to book an appointment and experience the difference that Zerorez will make for your carpet!