Fabric Protectors

It is necessary to apply fabric protectors to fabrics in order to make them more resistant to stain and soil. Even stronger fabric protectors act as water repellents or block the sun from fading material.

Watch this video to see how our Zerorez® fabric protector miraculously protects the white carpet from permanent red stains!



Before most carpet companies sell you carpet in the United States, they will apply a fabric protectant to the carpet even before it is installed in your house. Reapplication of fabric protectants is always recommended by professionals in order to keep wear and tear to a minimum, keep stains away, and keep your carpets intact. Zerorez® offers fantastic after treatment for carpet that is even better and more effective than the original fabric treatment. To have this enhancing protector applied to your carpet, give us a call or schedule an appointment and ask specifically for the Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector.


Unlike buying carpet, when you buy a rug, most companies will not apply a fabric protectant to the rug before they sell it. This fact makes the application of a fabric protectant after cleaning even more valuable to your rug. Protectants are very important for rugs because each rug has a very unique texture, style, fabric, and fiber. Some of the most popular rug types include shag rugs, large area rugs, weave rugs, wool rugs, oriental rugs, and many more. Our Zerorez® Premium Fiber Protector is perfect for any type of rug, along with our Solar Shield protectant to guard against the sun from fading the colors of your rug.


Frequent cleanings due to wear and tear or stains on your upholstery can be avoided by applying our Premium Fiber Protector! Furniture's upholstery can be an absolute pain to clean depending on the structure's complexity and fabric. With a wide variety of sizes, fabrics, fibers, colors, and constructions styles to choose from, there are thousands of possible styles and combinations. Zerorez® technicians are aware of the uniqueness of upholstered fabrics and how they tend to be relatively flat and thin compared to carpets and rugs. They understand that there areas of your upholstery that tend to wear quicker from frequent contact such as armrests, back cushions, and seat cushions. Your technician will be able to suggest to you the best choice of fabric protector for your upholstery. Depending on the company that you buy your upholstery from, some pieces of furniture may have had a fabric protector applied when made, but is not likely guaranteed. Contributing greatly to the long-term performance of your upholstery's fabric, application and even re-application of fabric protectants are critical to allowing your furniture a long life.

Outdoor Fabrics

In addition to taking care of your indoor upholstery, Zerorez® has fantastic fabric protectors for your outdoor furnishings. Patio furniture, umbrellas, awnings, and other outdoor furnishings are typically made from heavy-duty fabrics that are designed to withstand weather elements. In spite of tough fabric, extensive exposure to UV rays from the sun, rainfall, and moisture from humidity create a need for an annual deep cleaning. Apply Zerorez®'s premium protectant to create or restore superior waterproofing, soil resistance, and stain resistance to your outdoor furniture.

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